What's New - SiteGalore

What's New - SiteGalore

SiteGalore recently launched it´s new version (Version 21.X). Key features in the new version include

  • Key features in Version 21.0
    4th Jan 2018
    • The entire website builder screens and Admin control panel have been redesigned to sport a fresh and modern look.
    • Users can edit and preview websites across devices like mobile, tablet, laptop before publishing.
    • Different page layout options for easier and better web page formatting.
    • File attachment and Captcha option in Forms.
    • Drag and Drop feature for image upload.
    • Page editor enhanced and simplified with feature grouping.
    • Enhanced image editing tool for better Photo gallery.
    • Enhancement of Key features under Goodies for easier discovery and usage.
    • Admin control panel is fully responsive and sport a fresh and modern look. Now resellers can manage their users on the go from any device at any time.

SiteGalore recently launched it´s new version (Version 20.X). Key features in the new version include

Key features in Version 20.2

8th March 2017
  • Sitegalore Website Builder Application is now Mobile compatible.
    • Sitegalore application is now fully responsive. Users can now start Building, Editing & Publishing their website using any device, any time and from any where. This provides users the flexibility to maintain their website on the go
  • Key features in Version 20.1

    16th Aug 16, 2016
  • Totally Revamped Feature Rich Text Editor.
    • Sitegalore has fully revamped its Text Editor to include lot of new features that enables user to easily build/edit their website content at ease. Features include the following
    • Advanced text formatting - Copy paste from Word, PDF documents etc with formatting
      Advanced Image editing options
      Full multilingual support
      Spell Check As You Type
      Drag & Drop features
      Clean code, etc
  • Key features in Version 20.0

    6th Jun 6, 2016
  • Mobile Friendly Websites, Works seamlessly across all devices
    • Websites created using SiteGalore looks amazing on any device. Our new set of temples allows users to create websites that looks beautiful across wide range of devices (from Laptops to mobile phones) and browsers automatically. Users can now preview websites with different mobile devices
    • New set of trendy design templates that works seamlessly across all devices including laptops, tablets and mobiles. Click here to view the Design Gallery.
  • Full Image Control with Logo Upload
    • Enrich the visual elements of a site. Upload multiple main images, add a logo, sort images in any order, create an image carousel/slider,
  • Customize Design Templates
    • New set of templates comes integrated with Nice looking Text fonts in Main title, Sub title, Main Images and Navigation links to suit the design templates with the ability to change fonts. Users can now select from multiple ready-made color schemes for the website.
  • Improved Photo Album Editor
    • Set up your complete photo album on the web with Photo Album Editor. With Photo Album Editor, you can create great looking photo albums by dragging and dropping the photos.
  • E-Commerce Store with Improved functionality:
    • New Shop feature enables you to add new pages that shows the product summary, with multiple image support for each product with Image zoom functionality, improved product summary and checkout page integrated with wide range of payment gateways like Paypal, Verisign, 2Checkout, World pay, Authorized.net etc
  • Search Engine Friendly Features
    • New version comes with more search engine friendly features makes. Users can now upload robots.txt file that instructs search engines to crawl and index pages on the websites. Users can now upload any html file to website root directory which is used to verify the site ownership - to ensure that authenticated user owns a domain or website.
  • Improved and more Intuitive User Interface
    • New version comes with completely revamped user interface to provide users with better website building experience.
  • Add Favicons/Short cut icons to the Website
    • Users can now add shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon or bookmark icon which is used by browsers and these favicos are shown next to page's titles on the tab.
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